We’ve taken our obsession with travel and mixed that with our love of popular culture and everything sustainable to help families do their bit to look after this wonderful planet as they go on their travels.

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We’re on a mission to help families to go further on their holiday and enjoy every part of the process - from the planning to the unpacking!

Deckchair Adventures provides stories to families who want to get more out of their holidays and time together. Our writers are all seasoned travellers and understand the significance of getting the family holiday ‘just right’.

We’ll show you exciting things happening in literature, films, and the digital world that will help you learn more about where you’re heading. Our global team of writers who will show you the best places to head and hang out to help you get off the beaten track and under the skin of your adopted home for however long you are there.

Our audience are media and brand savvy parents who like to do their research before they book any trips. They spend that little bit extra and expect that little bit more from the places they stay and the things they experience.

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The Deckchair Adventures editorial ethos

Honest and fun family holidays
Our team of writers have travelled pretty much all over the globe and have written about their adventures and holidays to inspire you.

Popular Culture and family travel
We’ll guide you using books, films, TV shows and digital content that will help you get to know your holiday destination even before you set-off.

Sustainable family travel
To promote sustainable family travel, whether that is for the whole trip or just one small part. All our content will feature a way that allows you to give back whilst also having an absolute ball.

The team behind Deckchair Adventures

Deckchair Adventures is the brainchild of Helen Dugdale, an award-winning journalist, author and founder of PR agency Scribble. Helen is passionate about travel and showing her children as much of the world for themselves before they head off on their own adventures.

Helen was inspired to launch Deckchair Adventures after spending 20 years working in the media industry writing about culture, the arts, kids content and travel. She felt there was a gap in the world that pooled together all the delights of each of these areas to encourage inspired travel.

We'll help you do your bit

But with great travels comes the impact on the environment. As a business and brand, Deckchair Adventures is dedicated to helping families lessen their impact on the planet when they go on holiday by suggesting 'real' ways to reduce their carbon footprint and give back whilst also having a ball.

The team

The Deckchair Adventures team is a group of talented and experienced travellers and writers who just happen to be parents - who want their kids to grow up as seasoned travellers and global citizens.

We're always looking for writers (of all ages) to capture what was special about their trip and tell us what they did and what inspired them to go to a certain place. We also love to hear from young travellers about what think about family holidays.

Our partners

We're looking to partner with family and media brands and cultural events who want to sit at the heart of helping families be braver and more adventurous with their holidays, while also learning more about the world through popular culture. We're also wanting to work with environmental focused brands to enable families to take a vacation that is kinder to the globe.

Interested in being part of the Deckchair Adventures journey then get in touch.

We’re glad you’re here. - The Deckchair Adventures Team X