Helen Dugdale

Amsterdam inspired by Nickelodeon and Hunter Street

When we first stumbled across the show Hunter Street back in 2018, we stupidly mistook it for yet ‘another American’ drama but what soon caught our eye was its unusual backdrop, canals, tall European buildings and oddly dressed police officers on bikes. With a quick Google, our suspicions were confirmed, Hunter Street is actually set in Amsterdam. To be more precise, Aalsmeer which is 13-kilometres southwest of Amsterdam a town known for its flowers, tourism and water sports.

© Nickelodeon

New to Hunter Street?

What started out as Nickelodeon's Dutch television series De Ludwigs (The Ludwigs) was soon given an American remake. This adventure comedy series follows the adventures of the Ludwig’s, a family of foster children who live in a large Amsterdam canal house that is also a museum. When their parents disappear, the children find themselves caught up in a string of adventures trying to figure out the mysterious family history and find their parents. They must also keep the household running, fend off the Ludwig's greedy heirs, and prevent others from discovering that their parents are gone.

As additional characters join the show, with each new season, it means more adventures can be embarked on. The show offers the audience intrigue and suspense. The fact that the ‘binge infused Netflix’ viewers have to wait for the next episode often causes the viewers both torment and excitement.

Amongst the comedy and occasional scary moments, Hunter Street sandwiches the key message that family is more about the emotional bonds that are formed and not just about the blood ties.

If you’re currently planning a trip to Amsterdam or the Netherlands, then why not swing by the canal house that appears on the series it can be found on the Singel 140-142.

© Jan Kees Steenam
© Gebouw Nemo Digi Daan

Like The Ludwigs Hit the Museums

In true, Hunter Street style take a tour of some of the region’s museums and see if you can solve some of your own mysteries. Regular visitors to the city rave about the Iamsterdam City Card as it makes planning and visiting the city and easier and cheaper. The card gives you access to museums and tourist attractions, free use of Amsterdam public transport, free canal cruises and bags of other benefits. Check out www.iamsterdam.com

Why not head to Nemo Science Museum. This fab place is spread over five amazing floors crammed full of exhibitions, experiments and demonstrations and workshops. Nemo introduces visitors to the basic principles of science and technology, and you’ll leave obsessed with electricity, light and sound and gravity – they’ve always been there but you’ll just notice the more now.

Another definite place to stop is at Rijksmuseum the museum of the Netherlands in Amsterdam. It covers Dutch art and history from the middle ages to the present day. See works by Rembrandt, Frank Hal and Vermeer. Rijksmuseum holds the Rembrandt’s masterpiece The Night Watch. Lovers of pancakes need to check out the array of pannenkoek houses nearby Rijksmuseum. Deckchair Adventure insiders tell us the restaurants tend to be quieter at the end of the day.

Finally, The Van Gogh Museum speaks for itself really, if you’re in the area it makes sense to go for a mooch around and explore the world’s largest collection of works by the man himself. There are various other changing exhibitions so check the museum website for up to date info www.vangoghmuseum.nl/en and if your trip to Amsterdam is a winter break then there is ice skating near the museum – what a great way to make some memories and end the day.