Helen Dugdale

Four go to Cornwall

In many people’s brains the definition of Cornwall is surfing, Padstow Pasties and gorgeous beaches and fish & chips. Living in Manchester, the Cornish coast is a hell of a drive, especially with two kids moaning in the back. But, make the journey an exciting road trip and heypresto the long journey to the otherside of the country suddenly becomes a lot more fun.

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We stayed on Trevathon Farm, near Port Isaac, just north of Padstow. Our home for the week was Damson Cottage, a small two-bed bungalow with large private garden and views from the kitchen table that slow down your chewing and make you want to hover around for that little longer.

Trevathon Farm, is run by the Symon’s family who offer early morning daily trips around the farm on the back of the tractor, so holiday makers can watch the farmer feed the pigs, cows, sheep and some crazy chickens. Yes, the ride gets a tad stinky, but it’s great fun for all ages. You get to see all the usual animals you’d expect to see, plus some extremely friendly dogs and a rather cute, if not random, wallaby. The ride takes over an hour and ends at the large farm shop and restaurant where you’re greeted with tea, coffee and toast and if you’re really lucky a hot batch of freshly baked Cornish scones.

Trevathon Farm is a place where the kids can pretty much just roam and romp free from the parents gaze. They can explore the barn, fling themselves off hay bales and playing with the guinea pigs and dogs.

There is even complimentary kayaking on the lake just a short walk down the lane from the cottages. We did just this and spent at least an hour and half just tootling round the lake. Plus, there’s pick your own strawberries and the occasional clay pigeon shooting. It’s a peaceful, safe retreat.