Helen Dugdale

Happy Earth Day - How To Get Involved

Earth Day - is when people around the world shout about the different environmental challenges and issues that our lovely planet is facing. At Deckchair Adventures we very much applaud Earth Day, loudly!

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd April each year and is organised by the Earth Day Network.

This year’s theme is ‘Restore Our Earth’, which focuses on natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems.

The highlight of this year’s event is the second-ever Earth Day Live, which starts streaming live on the website from 5pm.

Other topics will include:

  • Climate and environmental literacy
  • Climate restoration technologies
  • Reforestation efforts
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Equity and environmental justice
  • Citizen science
  • Cleanups

More than 1 billion people in 192 countries take part in Earth Day activities each year, making it the third-largest celebration sitting just behind Christmas and Easter! Earth Day Network calls it “the largest civic observance in the world.”

Want to know about where it all began? There's loads more on the Earth Day website.

Want to get involved?

• To celebrate Earth Day 2021, NASA is hosting a virtual Earth Day event – from Wednesday, April 21 to Saturday, April 24 – focused on how to live more sustainably on our home planet, and exploring the connections between Earth’s atmosphere, water cycle, forests, fields, cities, ice caps, and climate. The program – called #ConnectedByEarth – will feature live presentations by NASA scientists, conversations with astronauts and scientists working in space, videos, interactive science content, a kid-friendly fun zone, a scavenger hunt, and fun downloadable resources. Go here to get involved.

• Do nothing! We mean literally sit still. Turn off all your electrical gadgets and for even just a short while and just sit down. That’s the best way of conversing energy and saving Mother Nature!

• Get yourself a Green Blue Peter Badge.

• Why not make an Earth Day sign and put it in your window, (remember the rainbows?). Head to the Earth Day website for some more inspiration of what to write.