Helen Dugdale

Our Not So Secret Website Crushes

Obviously Deckchair Adventures is our home but we wanted to share with you our five go-to family travel websites for when we need a digital Berocca and to breath some new lease of life into our holiday research.

The Family Back Pack

© thefamilybackpack.com

The Family Back Pack this a delicious American site with a wealth of well-written and researched articles of places to stay and explore all over the world. We particularly love the section offering ‘Educational Resources’ to help get the whole family involved in the trip and learn a little along the way. Head to ‘Before You Travel’ for health and wellbeing advice and tips on flying with kids. If you’re looking for a site to write for then head here and share your story.


© travelokido.com

Travelokido is an Aussie based website and glossy print magazines. As well as the destination reviews there is a clever ‘Itinerates’ section which is ideal for cutting back on research time and offers suggestions for amazing looking 3 days trips, 1 week or 2-week vacations, etc. The site is also packed with insightful blog posts and lots of travel tips and tricks from the well-travelled team. The magazine is available to buy and download.

Smart Steps to Australia

© smartstepstoaustralia.com

Smart Steps to Australia is a magazine-style blog and online community for families who have big dreams of moving to Australia to enjoy the lifestyle and travel opportunities on offer. Set-up by writer and ex-pat Karen Bleakley, the website aims to help families to make the move down under with less hassle and stress. The tone of voice is warm and reads like Karen in the room chatting with you as she guides you through the process and shares her personal experience of moving from Cornwall with her husband and young three children. Karen has also curated and manages two Facebook communities dedicated to Moving to Australia and Thrive in Australia. The latter being all about helping you make the most of your family’s new life in the country. If you’re not emigrating, but you are planning a visit to OZ then Karen’s blog on Smart Steps to Australia reviews and reveals some of the hidden gems of this vast country.

Nugget Travel

© nugget.travel

Nugget Travel is a unique family travel website and podcast where all the content is pretty much all focused on parent-tested travel itineraries. The reviews are written for parents-by-parents and each come with eye-catching icons that let you decide if a trip is right for you and your family in a matter of minutes. For families with younger kids, this is a particularly dreamy site as it gives you the confidence to book a holiday that other families have done and find out the truth about their experience. Nugget welcomes contributors and is a nice platform to use if you’re looking to kick start documenting your family’s global adventures.

Mini Travellers

© .minitravellers.co.uk

Mini Travellers is the brainchild of UK-based lawyer turned award-winning family blogger Karen Beddow. From an idea that came to her whilst sitting around the pool on holiday, the website has gone from a blog to a popular and highly acclaimed online community. Karen has a team of loyal parent bloggers writing regularly for her and has spent the last few years travelling to amazing destinations such as Malawi and New York. You can follow her family’s journey which is made up of three daughters and her husband as their smiling faces beam from the screen in yet another trip. The blog covers holidays from young babies and is now venturing into more far-flung and adventurous holidays as Karen’s family grows.

So what other travel sites do you visit when looking for inspiration? Email aloha@deckchairadventures.com and let us know your ideas.