Helen Dugdale

Why You'll Love Deckchair Adventures

Do you like to travel as a family? Do you like digital life, but love the life that happens off-screen more? Maybe you want to do more than your bit to help not just tackle, but totally nail the global epidemic that the planet is facing, then you’ll love Deckchair Adventures.

We aim to bring you great places to visit on your family holidays, mixed with new (and sometimes retro) content from the world of tv, games, publishing and films aimed at families that will help you enjoy your holiday and time together even more.

We’re all about enjoying the planning of your holiday so the excitement of your trip can begin as soon as you start to think about where you’re heading. Why not watch a movie made in the destination your heading? Read a book that is written by someone living there? Or check out the latest games or app that is popular in that country?

Plus, we’ll bring you the latest stories from brands, businesses and activists who are campaigning to help the planet overcome its many issues. We’ll highlight the things that you can do while you’re planning and suggest organisations that we think should be on your radar or who are in need of your help.

No matter what the make-up of your family, where you’re from or who you might be, we’d love to hear from you and for you to share your Deckchair Adventure with us.

The idea behind Deckchair Adventures

The idea came to the team while we were sat in the back garden in an uncomfortable deckchair, thinking about planning our next holiday. We realised we’d squander away endless hours searching the web for something to read that was holiday-related, but that wasn’t specifically about locations or other people’s experiences. We wanted stories about travel that brought in elements of sustainability. We also knew we wanted to help combat overtourism and to help others do the same.

We’re writing for and crafting our stories for today’s parents, but our real audience is the grown-ups of tomorrow who will one day be the people who book and travel the world with more thought and purpose than ever before.

We want to help make the next generation of global citizens.

© Markus Spicke